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Hummingbird: ‘The world’s lightest – and possibly sexiest – folding electric bike’

When it comes to your city commute, the Hummingbird will give you wings.


Cyclist- Hummingbird folding bike review and factory visit

“Hopping on, that lightness translates into instant speed from the first pedal push. That single-piece carbon main frame feels incredibly strong and stiff, while the CNC-machined solid aluminium struts that form the rear stays are rigid enough to ensure that all power inputs are transferred into forward motion with maximum efficiency.”


Hummingbird Electric in CITY AM

Hummingbird Electric bike review: The world's lightest foldable electric bike is a beautiful piece of engineering - “It really is no exaggeration to call this the Formula 1 of electric bikes. The Hummingbird is engineered to within an inch of its little life. It’s like riding a carbon fibre feather.”


Spears - Meet Hummingbird, the world’s lightest super-bicycle

“Designed with weight in mind, the Hummingbird heaves in at just 6.9 kilos, which in bike terms is absolutely nothing. Pick it up and it barely registers on the effort-o-meter. In fact, it probably weighs less than my first mobile phone – and I’m not that old.”

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Monocle Podcast Eureka 64: Hummingbird

Robert Campbell talks about the story of how one UK-based team designed and built the Hummingbird: the lightest folding bike in the world.


T3 -This folding bike is made in the same factory as racing Aston Martins

“ The Hummingbird is made from carbon fibre, engineered by Prodrive and produced in the same precision workshop where they make world championship-winning race and rally cars.”


WIRED- The best folding electric bikes to make your commute more bearable

As we enter a new exciting year for Hummingbird with the launch of new models and limited edition collaborations we wanted to review and share some the highlights of 2018. 


The Telegraph Hummingbird review: what it's like to ride the lightest folding bike in the world