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What Weight is the Hummingbird Suitable For?
The bike is designed for a maximum load of 110 kg (242 pounds) including luggage. 

What are the folded dimensions of the Hummingbird?

Due to the compact fold size  (585mm high x 1160mm long x 190mm wide / 23" x 45.8" x 7.4" ) Hummingbird can be taken on many forms of public and private transport. It can be carried easily inside homes, offices, cinemas etc.  

Can I buy the Hummingbird with mudguards?
We have mudguard options as part of our accessories page in our shop, your bike will be delivered with them fitted.

Is a Hummingbird suitable for all heights?
The Hummingbird is very versatile and can accommodate most heights. A  suitable saddle height is measured by the length of your inner leg. The standard seat tube is intended for people with an inside leg measurement of around 74 - 97 cm. You can adjust your reach by rotating the handlebars. 

How long will it take to receive my Hummingbird?
We hand make all our bikes to order and they come with their unique frame number. Upon receipt of payment we quote 4 - 6 weeks for delivery and will keep you up to date with the progress.

Can I take my Hummingbird on an airplane?
You can achieve a more compact fold that will fit inside any large check in luggage by removing the front wheel and seatpost then you can fit it inside a standard  85x55x20 cm hard case.

Where can I test ride a Hummingbird bike?
Please get in touch and we can direct you to a stockist  or invite you to test ride and order your bike at our factory facility. 

Are smaller wheels a disadvantage?
Hummingbird bike was designed with 16"  wheels to enable a more compact fold . One of the benefits of  16" wheels is that acceleration is much faster this combined with the high-pressure tires that are used on all Hummingbird models means rolling resistance is minimal and keeping your speed is easy. 

How many load cycles does the battery on the electric version have?
The battery has 3000 load cycles to 80% battery capacity.

When the battery runs out, how should it be changed?
You will be able to order a new battery from us. When a replacement is needed the app will give you a warning. 

Where can I find spare parts?
You can order replacements from us directly, however we mostly use standard parts and any bike shop should be able to help with maintenance and the ordering of replacement items.

Why is Hummingbird made out of Carbon Fibre?
 Carbon fibre is the strongest and lightest material available on the market. Weight for weight, carbon fibre offers 2 to 5 times more rigidity than aluminium and steel. In some cases its stiffness will be 5-10 times more than steel or aluminium (for the same weight). The properties of the carbon fibre such as a high flexibility, high resistance, low weight and vibration dampening properties makes carbon fibre an ideal material for bicycle frames.

How hard is it to fold Hummingbird?
Hummingbird was designed with simplicity as a priority. It takes 3 steps  and less than 5 seconds to fold . Please consult our used manual for more detailed instructions.

Where is the Hummingbird manufactured?
We manufacture the worlds’ lightest folding bike in England. Prodrive composites manufacture the frames at their state of the art facility in Milton Keynes and we assemble the bikes at Prodrive in Banbury. Prodrive are one of the world’s largest and most successful motorsport and technology businesses, the Hummingbird is assembled by their team of highly skilled engineers.

Do you ship internationally?
We can take international payments and can ship worldwide. We have flat shipping rates which will be clearly indicated in check out process.

How do I service the bike?
The user manual contains instructions for basic maintenance. However Hummingbird was designed to be used anywhere in the world and most repairs can be done at any local bike shop. Please get in touch if you are unsure about how to service the bike. 

Do you offer warranty on the Hummingbird?
Your Hummingbird warranty commences from the date of purchase. The frame and swing arm components manufactured through Prodrive are covered for 5 years. Other non-wearing parts are covered for 1 year. The battery and motor on the Electric omes with a 2 year warranty.

What is the  weight difference between the single and multi speed?
The Single Speed is 6.9kg, the Multi Speed is 8.2kg and the Electric is 10,3 kg