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 Customer reviews

There is a growing community of Hummingbird owners around the world, staying in touch is the best way for us to keep improving everything we do from design innovation to aftercare. 

Below are quotes and pictures we have received from some of our customers.

Alex G.

Model: Hummingbird Single Speed, Visual Carbon

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Delivery date: 12.06.19

It’s everything I hoped it would be and feels fantastic to ride.”

I’ve bought it to help with a difficult commute from Odawara to Tokyo Station by Shinkansen, followed by a transfer onto the Yamanote line to Ueno - the latter two stations are two of the busiest in the world. Using my bike has knocked 40 minutes a day off of my journey and its lightness and compact form when folded has made taking it onto the trains and through the crowded stations a viable option. It fits on the overhead luggage racks on the trains and is light enough to lift up without inconveniencing other passengers too much.

Hummingbird folding bike on the train in tokyo.jpg

Alan S.

Model: Hummingbird Single Speed, Visual Carbon

Location: Gravesend, United Kingdom

Delivery date: 29.10.18

“For me, the bike is close to perfect. Loads of people have commented on it - both people at work and also other cyclists.”


Stephen H.

Model: Hummingbird Single Speed, Black

Location: Teddington, United Kingdom

Delivery date: 22.04.18

“I ride my Hummingbird through central London every day, it’s quick to ride and light enough to take on the Underground. It’s also good on long distances, I often ride 20k on it. The Hummingbird is innovative and design driven, it’s a great piece of engineering.”


Miriam B.

Model: Hummingbird 4 Speed, Yellow

Location: New York, United States

Delivery date: 22.04.18


“The lighter weight vs Brompton or Dahon was the deciding factor for me. I live four flights up, without a lift, in a microscopic apartment so it needed it to be lightweight and to fold.

I love the design from an aesthetic perspective, the bright color, the smooth lines and the economical design.”

IMG_2165 (1).JPG

Tim C.

Model: Hummingbird Single Speed, Prestige Black

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Delivery date: 22.10.18

“I love its weight, and the quality of all the components. It also rides really well considering how small the wheels are.”

Hummingbird in australia.JPG

Simon H.

Model: Hummingbird Single Speed, Visual Carbon

Location: Guildford, United Kingdom

Delivery date: 25.10.17

“Beautiful design and well engineered. Really smooth to ride. Rides fast and accelerates well because it’s so light”


Simon B.

Model: Hummingbird 4 Speed, Yellow

Location: Benllech, Wales

Delivery date: 02.10.17

“It turns heads whenever I ride it and anyone who's tried it has been impressed by the weight, performance and surprised by the sweet handling.”


Matthew J.

Model: Hummingbird 4 Speed, Visual Carbon

Location: New York, United States

Delivery date: 22.10.18

“Love the way it rides. Love the way it looks. The weight of the bike is great.”


Masahiko S.

Model: Hummingbird Single Speed Bespoke

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Delivery date: 20.05.18

“I ordered a Hummingbird single speed, because I only ride it in Tokyo. I chose the bespoke colour and I am very satisfied. It has such a beautiful paint job and very light!”


Robert E.

Model: Hummingbird Single Speed, Yellow

Location: Florida, United States

Delivery date: 22.10.18

“I’ve taken my Hummingbird to several countries last year and numerous trips to various locations here in the USA. What I like best about the bike is that with removal of the handlebar, it can fit inside a normal large suitcase and travel free.“


image1 (1).jpeg