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engineered by Prodrive


"A superb piece of British engineering"



"It’s light, it’s made of carbon, it folds – and it could just be the ideal commuter bike."

"The Hummingbird folds very easily, weighs very little, and goes very fast."


"Aside from being three kilos lighter than its closest competitor, the Hummingbird Bike boasts of a unique and stylish design that combines form and function."

"Hummingbird Weighs in at Just 6.9kg. That’s seriously impressive – game changing even."

"There really has been no expense spared in designing the ultimate product for the urban cyclist"

"A folding bike that is engineered and manufactured to Formula 1 standards – a bike that is perfectly practical, flawlessly blending transportability, efficiency and rideability; weight, strength and foldability."

"When you ride it, it’s like you’re cycling along on a feather – an astonishingly rigid, taut, feather that corners with the elan of a Lambo and accelerates effortlessly."

"Out on the road, Hummingbird is a joy to ride."



At Hummingbird we have always had one goal: To enable people to enjoy greater freedom through our endless pursuit of better design and innovation. 

We believe in freedom. That is why Hummingbird was founded in London in 2015. What inspired us was a problem with no solution – No one was building the beautiful, high performance, lightweight folding bicycles that we wanted to own. With the support of our technical partner, Hummingbird combines all the key attributes of style, innovation and technical excellence that Prodrive stands for. 

The engineers at Prodrive hand build and spray each lightweight carbon frame. The composites facility in Milton Keynes which is responsible for our frame production have one goal, to be the best carbon fiber manufacturer in the British industry, as a testament to their success, among their clients include: Aston Martin, Lotus, Bentley, Jaguar Land Rover, McLaren and Overfinch as well as the Defence Ministry.

The final assembly is done at Prodrive HQ, in Banbury, alongside the race and rally cars it builds for Aston Martin, Subaru, Renault and many other championship winning race cars.

Hummingbird lab (8 of 14).jpg

Hummingbird lab (9 of 14).jpg

An early blueprint of the single speed folding design



The best design paired with the latest technology is what sets our bikes out from the pack.

Hummingbird frames are made out of carbon fibre, an advanced composite material used in aerospace and racing due to its high performance qualities in terms of weight, stiffness and vibration dampening.

Carbon fibre doesn’t just save weight, it can also be beautiful – proven by our immaculately laid Visual Carbon Edition frame. This option truly shows off the exquisite craftsmanship that goes into making each frame. Apart from the longer time it takes to beautifully lay each taylored layer of carbon, each frame goes through a rigorous inspection process to achieve the Visual Carbon status.

Each swingarm is machined from a solid billet of aluminium and anodized to ensure a strong part with a long lasting finish.  All our frames are hand built in England and are individually numbered.

Hummingbird’s lightweight wheels allow you to go faster with less effort. Stronger and faster accelerating than larger bicycle wheels. The use of 16 inch wheels also help to reduce the overall length of the bike, making it compact and easier to transport while retaining the comfort of a full size bike. 

The Hummingbird frameset design is a perfect synergy of form and function, aesthetics and technology, designed to be both robust and comfortable to ride. The hummlock, Hummingbird’s safety pin, makes the bike very easy to carry when folded and ensures all components lock together.

Hummingbird’s pivotal system allows you to fold your bike in less than five seconds – release the the wheel under the frame, drop the seat and clip the the handlebars under the swingarm. Beautifully simple.