The lightest folding bike

For us portable means enjoying the maximum freedom with minimum drawbacks. All our customers love what a difference weight has done to the ability to ride, use and commute on the bike.


Bespoke design

Ordering a hummingbird is a once in a lifetime experience that is why we are here to guide you through all your choices. We can help make your dream bike come true. No colour too exotic no paint job too complex. We look forward to the challenge!


5 Years warranty.

We build bikes made to last. To prove it, we offer a 5 year warranty on all of our frames and original Hummingbird components.


Free returns

We mainly sell directly to our customers meaning you are closer to us in terms of support, advice and care of your Hummingbird. If a Hummingbird doesn't work for you just return it to us in the original packaging for free.


Ready to ride

Hummingbird bikes come fully assembled. All you need is to unpack, unfold and ride!